I   love

Content Creation

Business videos, short movies, team photos, Instagram posts, blogs, you name it, I’ve tried them all (but a long documentary is still on my list)


Can everyone in your company clearly tell what makes you unique? And have you translated that into a clear text and visuals? Let’s think about it together!


So you want to reach Gen-Z through Facebook? Maybe not the best idea. Have you heard of TikTok?

Project Management

You need something on time, and within budget. Oh, and you need to have X, Y, Z’s opinion about it? Let me handle it!


B2B Videos

Software Solutions

Short videos visualizing the use of computer vision software in different industries

Short Video (Dutch)

Zo Ver Weg is Dichtbij

A poetic short film trying to answer universal questions about chance and fate

Short Documentary (Dutch)

Bloed, Zweet en Kwijl

A short documentary about sled dog racing in the Netherlands



Team photos

Website photography of staff of different companies, according to their specific branding


Online Vintage Shop

Showcasing the founders and their collection of vintage clothes on Instagram



Website photography for a creative agency, showcasing their office environment and giving a glimpse into their company culture


Dear friends

A series of portraits of my friends


Multiple Projects

Behind the scenes of different projects


Young Impact Makers


Building a brand book and style guide for a Covid-19 Start-Up

Lancôme Moments

Brand Case Competition

Yearly L’Oréal Brand Storm Case Competition

Instagram Account

Trend-watching account

Developing a trend-watching account for a creative agency