B2b Videos


In the fast-paced realm of B2B software solutions, effective communication is key to capturing the attention of potential clients, and video lends itself as an optimal medium for this.

Software solutions often involve complex technologies and abstract concepts that need to be translated into compelling narratives. Together with interdisciplinary teams (engineers, product managers, UX designers, industry experts, partnership, creatives) I worked on videos which showcased the software solutions of Scandit AG, Zürich.

Working as the Video Project Manager required me to use a combination of my creativity, technical skills, and most important of all, my project managing skills. Besides managing the project’s deadline and resources, I was responsible for the location scouting, casting, set-building and styling. Moreover, I was responsible for publishing the content, the asset management, and the analysis of results.

Here is an overview of the videos I worked on

Who says smartphones aren’t tough?

Find anything fast with AR

A smarter way to do tedious retail work

Smart data capture, instantly

Age verified delivery on Smart Devices

Is retro tech holding your retail associates back? (Samsung Partnership)

High performance scanning made easy