About me

Hi, I’m Nicky

Nice to meet you!

I’m Dutch-Russian, sprinkled with a dash of Italian, and after moving multiple times between the Netherlands and Italy, I am currently settled in the land of milk and honey, Switzerland.

Growing up in Italy, I was surrounded by art history, and a vibrant cultural scene. This is where my first interest in the creative industries started.
After moving back to the Netherlands, I always tried being involved in some ‘creative’ project. Meanwhile, I started to develop myself more in photography and videography.

During and after my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a Master’s in Business Administration (specialization in the Creative Industries)
I have worked in several marketing positions: from a photographer for a student magazine, to a website content editor, content creator and a video project manager (producer).

I can’t wait to use my skills in content creation, branding, and creative project management to help your company grow and develop further.

Take a look at my portfolio, and if you think we could work together on an exciting project, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Some of my favourite places

Varigotti, Italy

Zürich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland
Treiso, Italy
Amsterdam, the Netherlands